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We Build Friendships & Social Connections for Children by Bridging the Gap Between Parents, Caretakers, & Therapists.

Children today face more challenges making friends and looking for social or play opportunities.


More children are feeling isolated

More children are experiencing anxiety

Parents are becoming concerned

More children are having a harder time connecting


Diagnoses such as autism, anxiety, and other special needs are increasing

PeerKnect is Our Solution

Connect with parents, caretakers, or therapists who have children with special needs

Stay safe with easy and secure ID verification

Chat within the app after a playdate has been validated

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Post and Search Playdates and Special Events

Find sensory friendly events created by local businesses or organizations

Use ’Google Assist’ to search for suggested locations for events and playdates

Get Connected

Are you a parent looking for opportunities for your child to connect with other children and develop social skills?

Are you a therapist looking for ways to assist with clinical treatment outcomes and improve client social skills?

Are you a sensory friendly business looking to create inclusive opportunities for children in your community?

“I'm truly excited about the PeerKnect app and how valuable it's going to be for so many families with a variety of different needs and requests!”
-Steven K, Parent


of parents or therapists said their child or client has difficulty finding social interactions.

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The PeerKnect app was created to provide children with opportunities for connection and to help develop social skills which can increase confidence and autonomy.

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Are you a therapist or business looking to use PeerKnect? Click below to learn more! 

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