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The App That Finds Social Events 
for Children of All Abilities

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Why use PeerKnect?

What makes us different.

PeerKnect was developed by a licensed professional. Play is an important part of childhood development  and promotes physical, cognitive, and emotional strength; the use of creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills; and, helps language and communication skills to mature.   

Why it matters.

Social connections provide children and teens with support, companionship, and a sense of belonging.  Positive relationships can also lower anxiety and depression while raising self-esteem, empathy, and improve our immune system, while also helping us to learn to regulate our emotions. Connecting socially also promotes the ability to pick up on, and understand, social cues as we interact with different people and environments.


Increase social connections in your community


Great for cognitive and emotional development


Enhance social, emotional and cooperation skills


Learn about how play can promote growth in living a healthy life

How does
PeerKnect help children?

See some of the advantages below!

Are you a...



Are you a therapist looking for ways to assist with clinical treatment outcomes and client play and social skills?

Parent or Caretaker?


Are you a parent looking for opportunities for your child to connect with other children?



Are you a business looking to create inclusive opportunities for children in your community?

Are you ready to
start connecting?

Start now and download today!

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Business or Therapist?
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Children today face more challenges making friends and looking for social or play opportunities.

PeerKnect is here to help bridge that gap


More children and teens are feeling isolated and are more likely to experience high rates of depression and anxiety.  Studies show that currently 1 in 4 four children are reporting depression and 1 in 5 are reporting anxiety. Play and social connections can reduce symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, however the rate of play has decreased over the past two decades and children engage in play eight hours less each week than they did two decades ago. Now more than ever, parents and children need support in getting connected socially. 


Parents are becoming concerned about their children because they are having a harder time connecting for social opportunities. Children and teens who feel lonely or isolation are more likely to experience depression, which can also impact the parent’s mental health. Skills learned during play and social connectivity can set a child up for future learning and success throughout their adolescents into adulthood, leading to more independence. Children who are not connecting socially may have their learning, physical, and mental health impacted, and the increased anxiety and stress associated with not being able to connect for play and friendships can harm the healthy development of social behaviors and impact not only the child, but also the parent, and family’s, mental health.


Diagnosis rates such as autism, anxiety, depression, and special needs are increasing.  Autism rates have increased by 176 percent in the past 20 years and ADHD, anxiety, and depression have also been trending upwards.  These diagnoses have sometimes been referred to as “invisible disabilities” because it is not always apparent that someone has a diagnosis.  Individuals with one or more of these diagnoses may need support in getting connected socially or finding opportunities for community engagement in environments that are more inclusive and offer lower sensory options.   


of parents or therapists said their child or client has difficulty finding social interactions.

The PeerKnect app was created to provide ALL children with opportunities for connection, to build friendships, and promote community engagement which can increase confidence, independence, and autonomy.

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“I'm truly excited about the PeerKnect app and how valuable it is for so many families with a variety of different needs and requests!”
-SK, Parent

Parents can get started for FREE today!

Download PeerKnect

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Are you a therapist or business looking to use PeerKnect? Click below to learn more! 

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