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Parents & Caretakers

Learn how you can use the PeerKnect app for your child!

Modern-day parents face added challenges in raising their children.


Without social opportunities, children can feel isolated or rejected


Anxiety is increasing in children, especially in social settings


You worry about your child having friends and feeling connected


Connecting with other parents and scheduling play dates can be difficult


Diagnoses such as autism, anxiety, and other special needs are increasing

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“I'm truly excited about the PeerKnect app and how valuable it is for so many families with a variety of different needs and requests!”
-Steven K, Parent

PeerKnect is here to help!

Connect with parents, caretakers, or therapists who have children with special needs

Stay safe with easy and secure ID verification

Chat within the app after a playdate has been confirmed

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Post and Search Playdates and Special Events

Find sensory friendly events created by local businesses or organizations

Use ’Google Assist’ to search suggested locations for events & playdates

Kids Blowing Bubbles

What is a Playdate?

A playdate is an in-person or virtual event that has been coordinated by parents for the purpose of promoting play skills. Repeated exposure to these interactions may help children become more engaging, communicative, and interactive.

Safety is Our Priority!

We use an outside platform, Acuant, to confirm the identity of single users and businesses. Acuant’s patented technology ensures that a person is truly who they say they are.

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Patented technology

Simple and easy to use 

Secure and reliable

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Learn more about the Peerknect App!

Download PeerKnect

Get Started for FREE!

Start connecting for free! Upgrade for only $14.99/mo!

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