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Learn how you can use the PeerKnect app in your therapy practice.

As a therapist, we know you...


Assess & create client specific treatment goals


Target specific goals during billable sessions


Are not always able to see therapeutic outcomes outside of therapy environment


Find it difficult to connect with other therapists for the purposes of targeting social skills deficit


Have long wait lists for therapeutic practices and services

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”All of our therapists will use PeerKnect to target our clients’ social skills deficits and achieve treatment goals.”
-Julie H, Clinical Director

PeerKnect is Here to Help

Connect with other therapists or parents/caretakers

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Secure ID verification

Post trainings and other special events

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Find suitable peers for clients


HIPPA compliant

Use ’Google Assist’ to find locations for events & playdates


Learn more about the Peerknect App!

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Let's Connect.

Ready to Incorporate PeerKnect into Your Practice?

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